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To Attract and Be Attracted to ONLY Healthy Love.  


Nothing else will do.

You're tired of the lies, the betrayal, the hurt, the anger, the tears.  

When you are ready, I can help.

I will be the steady rock in your life while you heal your heart. 

Welcome to The Only Healthy Love Movement!

Live life Anchored in Love.

Break Your Toxic Cycles.

Trust Yourself Again.

Stop People Pleasing.

Discover Your Worth.

Release Limiting Beliefs.

Write a New Story.

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What alignment will do for you...

In this interview with master coach Sacha Sterling, Trudy talks about Only Healthy Love and what it takes to get "unstuck."  

Interview with Heather Corbet

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5 Ways we can Kick Fear in the Teeth and Get On With Our Lives...

Brene Brown ~ My Hero

Often compared to Brene Brown in her teaching style, Trudy has one thing to say about this...listen to Brene, she is my hero.


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